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As a mixed media artist with over two decades of experience, Rick Cheadle has built a successful career in the creative arts industry. In addition to creating vibrant, multilayered works of art that are collected worldwide, Rick is also an art marketing specialist and coach, dedicated to helping other creatives succeed. With a deep appreciation for Mid Century art and design, Rick's artwork weaves tales of a beloved era, using a unique blend of modern techniques to reignite our senses and fill our lives with beautiful, dreamlike colorscapes.

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Rick Cheadle is here to help. With over 25 years of experience in the creative arts industry, Rick is a self-taught mixed media artist and art marketing specialist who has helped thousands of artists succeed. As a coach, mentor, and business consultant, Rick is dedicated to helping other creatives reach their full potential. Contact Rick today to learn more about his coaching, mentorship, and business consulting services and start building the creative career you've always dreamed of.