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July 17, 20212 min read

Repurposing A Family Heirloom

4 Steps to Give New Life to An Antique Treasure


Few things tell the story of our lives like the home we live in and the furniture we put inside it.  Furniture in general has so much character.  Someone could walk into our home, take a look at our décor and immediately know our style without us ever saying a word.

So, what do you do if you have a piece of furniture that means a lot to your family but it doesn’t really fit in with your style or your theme? Maybe it was a family heirloom that was beautiful in its time but it needs a bit of a makeover to work in your home. 

These days recycling, repurposing, remodeling, and reusing are commonplace and have actually become a furniture style all on its own. Reinventing a piece of furniture gives it a new life with a twist of your creativity.

It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint and a creative design can change something that looks dull and drab into something purely dynamic. 

This is why I think older furniture is perfect for a full makeover. Generally, it is made of solid wood and is built from very sturdy materials.  It still has a lot of use left in it.

So how do you get started?

I have a 4-step system I use when I take on these projects.

1.    Clean the furniture thoroughly

2.    Repair any holes, dents, chips or gouges.

3.    Prep. Coat the surface with primer to get it ready for the last step

4.    Paint, you are only limited by your own creativity.

Repurposing a Family Heirloom


Check out my book available on Amazon called Anatomy of a Makeover. It outlines my strategy from beginning to end and gives you a full photo tutorial so you can follow along step by step.  There are also many types of finishes and designs you can add once the prep work is done.  Here we have only scratched the surface.  My book will help you choose a paint technique and apply it like a professional with the simplicity of a beginner.

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I would love to see your before and after images of your makeover.

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