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July 31, 20213 min read

Are all paints created equal?


So many things in life today are based on perception.  We all have our own view point and our own opinions.

That’s what makes us unique and makes life interesting.  How boring life would be if we all loved the same things and did things the same way.  Variety is the spice of life!

This is the same in the world of art.  We all have our own view point on what a fine piece of art looks like.  Again, Variety comes in to play here because we don’t all agree on what an amazing piece of art looks like.

As an example, there are 49 different styles of painting that have been given names and many more styles that are not even categorized.  Imagine how many works of art can be created.  Especially when there are millions of different people who love each style.  Those numbers are so high is hard to comprehend.  

Some love Contemporary Art, others abstract, even Graffiti is favored by many.

But one thing all styles of art have in common is paint.

Can you buy paint from anywhere and create a masterpiece?  Possibly, but what if the quality of your paint is lacking.  Does this mean the message you want to convey loses some of its power? After all you see this image in your imagination long before it becomes a reality on your media.

Keep the power in your message.  Make sure your paint can exceed your initial vision.

Some paints work best for different types of art.  If you like the paint style involving watercolors, you would never want to use a very thick paint.  As the name tells us, we would need more water than normal to get the right effect.


Rick Cheadle Art

Most often our questions exceed our budget.  What do I mean when I say that?  It can be costly to keep buying different paint to run tests where many of them end up to be the wrong product.  Why not go with something that has proven results?

I have the perfect solution for all those who are looking for a great paint to add to your paint collection if you want to incorporate paint pouring into your creative workshop.

Rick’s Mix is the perfect solution.  It is exactly the right consistency and comes in a variety of colors that can be used alone or mixed to create any color you desire.

It’s a very smooth paint which is extremely important when it comes to paint pouring.

I developed my own line of paint to take all the guess work out of this technique. 

Do you want a kit with a variety of colors or just 1 or 2 colors to start?  I have it all available.  From a starter pack that is a complete kit or just one single color. 

If you want to try this amazing new art technique, half the battle is solved by using paint made for this style of painting.

Ricks Mix


Get Pouring with Rick’s Mix from Counter Culture DIY

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